Friday, October 28, 2005


`Free Microchipping for pensioners and the retired.`
I read it again, yes the poster on the shop window I was in had it written large and clear in capital letters. That really set my thoughts going…. Why would someone want to microchip a pensioner?

But then the more I thought about it, I could just imagine the uses of it. A retired granny going off on holiday on their own getting lost; an old gent found having a snooze on a seat the park could be taken home! And, if they made the chips so that you could track them in the way they tag birds and animals – just think how interesting that could be!!

Wonder what information they`d put on the chip? Name, age - that might not be popular!; address - what about each time they moved house?; next of kin? - there`d be no way to disown them then!

But, where would you put the microchip?!

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