Friday, October 07, 2005

Missing blog

If anyone wonders what happened yesterday because I didn`t write an entry, I`ll tell you. I had to attend a meeting in the evening and knew that I`d got to say something about a subject. I get very, very nervous about having to do anything like that, and especially as I knew that it could be opposite to what others were thinking. It was going round and round in my mind all day long and I just couldn`t concentrate enough to write about anything else.

I`m odd like that, I can happily and easily sit and write and know what I want to say, but as soon as I have to speak to a number of people (I`m not quite so bad on a one to one), I get flustered and stumble over it, and knowing I do that makes me more nervous, so it becomes a vicious circle. I suppose too, I`m afraid of appearing stupid.

I suppose that explains too why I find doing this blog so helpful because I can write what I can`t say.

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