Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Favourite Sayings

I seem to be thinking about Sayings this week, so here are a few of my favourites, -

She`s/he`s talking nineteen to the dozen

Don`t count your chickens before they`re hatched

It`s no good crying over spilt milk

A stitch in time saves nine

It`s raining cats and dogs

You can`t teach an old dog new tricks

Don`t spoil the ship for a ha`pworth of tar

That last one in particular is a special favourite, as it was one my Dad often used when doing anything. But, as to where it comes from originally, I don`t know. I know its meaning, and the meanings of all of these, but what caused them to come into our language?


Loopyluuk said...

What is the meaning of that last one? I've never heard it before :)

Ivy said...

It`s meaning is, if you`re doing a job or anything, do it properly, don`t cut corners or materials just for the sake of saving money (or time).