Sunday, October 09, 2005

Four S`s of perfection

Sun, Sea, Sand.... and Silence

Yes, I`m going to wax lyrical about a walk I had this afternoon.
I drove about 40 miles from home then walked along a cliff top and down a sandy path on to a wide expanse of sand, with the sea gently lapping a long way out in the distance. The sun was shining on this beautiful autumn day and a gentle breeze blowing, but not coldly. I walked along, my feet at times crunching over fine shingle, at others making footprints in the damp sand. What pattern and diversity there was in event the sand, at times ripples of it, in other parts flat and even, some dark gold and damp other patches very light yellow and fine. Looking closely down there were razor shell, cockle shells and other shells some embedded in the sand, others scattered among the stones, some broken, some whole. Yet on looking closer I don`t think any two shells had the same pattern or markings on them.
To my left, the cliffs rose up steeply, giving a feeling of protection and safety, to my right was the vast openness and the sea. I came across rock pools of water, water that was so clear and sparkling with the sun on it. The sun too shone on the sea making a silver road across it. There were other people walking along too, but the overall feeling was one of peace and quietness, of time to think, to feel close to nature and to God. To give thanks for the beauty around me, the time to appreciate it and to feel benefit from it.

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Hero's Cousin said...

beautiful! wish i was there. always good to enjoy God's creation and be refreshed.