Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Birds and Planes

What do birds think of planes?.... that thought crossed my mind the other day when there were quite a lot of aircraft in the sky and some of them very noisy. We know what they were, but it made me wonder about the effects they have on the birds, and other animals come to that. Do they hear the sound of them in the same way as we do? Does it frighten them? It seemed to at times that day as I watched the way the birds flew in all directions as if trying to get away from it but not knowing which way to go.

Yet, at other times I`ve seen birds pecking on grass alongside a busy road and not batting an eyelid when cars and lorries thundered past. So is it that they can cope if they can see the source of the noise rather than if they hear something and can`t identify where it comes from?

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