Thursday, October 27, 2005

Charity catalogues

Charity Christmas catalogues seem to keep dropping through the letter box these last few days. I browse through them just to see if there`s anything really unusual or outstanding, but, as I wrote in my blog a few days ago, I don`t want to think about Christmas shopping yet, it`s too soon. Anyway, getting back to the catalogues, I find that maybe there are a few cards or a gift that would just be ideal for someone, and after all it would be helping the charity, so, turn to the order page, start to fill it in, as one gets down towards the bottom there it is (as always) …. Postage £?-?? ……
Now, if I only want one item that postage often costs more than the item, so it doubles its price. Or even a few items, makes me think – if I`m paying that much postage just to buy something to support the charity, surely I`d be better just sending them a donation – even if its only the amount that I would have paid for the postage. Now, I`m not saying we shouldn`t pay the cost of postage, but the amouts requested often seem excessive to the actual cost of postage. So, do I order? No, very often I don`t.

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