Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What`s going to happen next?

I noticed one evening the week before last that the light on my fridge freezer, which should be on, was flashing on and off. Something`s wrong, I thought. I tentatively opened the door, but everything felt cold alright. I rang a friend who`s husband is an electrician and does any electrical work that we need, but she said sorry, he doesn`t do fridges, but she gave me the name of another chap they knew who did.

So I rang him, and he was very helpful and suggested what to do that might cure it. (turn if off at the mains for a few minutes then turn it on). Fine. It worked and the light came on constant.
A few days later I saw that it was flashing again. I left it a day or two, the freezer seemed ok and everything was hard in there.

Then I realised that things in the freezer seemed to be getting too hard. I couldn`t even get a spoon in the icecream with two hands, to get it out of the tub! On going to the fridge to get some milk the next morning, I found that the milk wasn`t cold, nor was anything in the fridge part. Very odd - the freezer was too cold and the fridge wasn`t cold at all. So I rang the chap again. He came later that day, and thankfully was able to solve the problem.

That wasn`t the end of my problems though.

On Sunday after getting my Mum indoors here, I went to shut the front door as normal - but it seemed very awkward and needed a real shove to get it properly shut. Later in the day, I went to take her home, and again had to shut the front door, but this time it just refused to close properly and wouldn`t lock. The top part of the door seemed to close ok, but from three-quarters of the way down it wouldn`t go in right. Neither would the lock turn.

I tried shutting it gently.
Shutting it with a bang.
Shutting it from outside (almost impossible).
Shutting it from inside with all my weight against it, and my foot at the bottom corner - but all to no avail, I just couldn`t get it to shut completely.
So, at the moment it`s in as far as it will go and to all appearances from outside, unless you get close to it, it looks shut, but I`ve only got a security chain on in the inside and can`t lock it.

I tried all day yesterday ringing the company who installed it (only 9 years ago, so it should still be covered by the 10 year guarantee) but all I got was an answer phone on both their office number and mobile number. I`ve tried again today and the same result. I know they are still in business as I saw one of their vans only a couple of weeks ago. I guess perhaps they`ve closed for summer holidays.

But, I need my door to close and to lock, so talking to my boss at work, about it, I`ve rung a person he suggested who does jobs for them, and he`s going to ring me back this evening to let me know when he can come. I`m still waiting for the phone call!

They say, don`t they, that things go in threes? I daren`t think what might go wrong next!


stf (lorna) said...

poor you ... how worrying!

Leigh said...

Bless your heart. I hope number three is a nice thing. Maybe things will turn around for the good now!