Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shopping Spree!

Well, my changing email addresses seems to have worked ok. I`m still here and able to get into my blog.

I decided that whilst I was changing Provider, I`d also treat myself to a new main computer as mine was getting so slow. So off I went to PC World at Norwich and with the assistance of a very helpful salesman chose a new one. I was very impressed by how neat and much smaller the new compact towers are, and chose one of them. I`d decided before I left home that I wouldn`t need a new monitor too, just the tower part.

Having chosen it, I then had to leave it with them to have the programmes installed and return the next day to collect it.

On getting home and looking at my monitor and thinking about the nice new ones I`d seen in the shop, I thought I`ll just have a look tomorrow and see how much they are, but really this one is ok.

So, yesterday (I had my mother with me for the day), after lunch, I got her in the car and off we went to collect my new computer. On getting to the store, she said she`d like to go in to have a look around too. So, out of the boot came the wheelchair and in mother got.

Inside the store, I said to her, I`m just going to have a look at the monitors and see how much they are, and headed off in that direction. Standing looking at all the various ones, (well, me standing, Mum sitting in the chair) she said "I`ll buy you one, which would you like". I protested, "No, I don`t bring you shopping to do that", but she insisted. So, I`ve come home with a nice new monitor to go with my new computer.

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lorna (stf) said...

how lovely of her

post a pic of it all won't you?