Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do It and It`s Done

"Do it and it`s done"......

I don`t know where those words originate from - whether they`re a motto, a saying or what, but it`s something I`m now trying to practice.

I`ve found myself too much in the habit lately of "leaving things till later" - for instance, once I`ve opened my mail, instead of dealing with the items like receipts, bank statements, letters even, I tend to just put them aside and think I`ll file that away later or I`ll reply later. (Bills of course I do pay on time)

Same thing with having had something out to use, maybe from a different room or part of the house and instead of putting it straight back when finished with, I tend to think, I`ll do that later when I go upstairs, or wherever it came from. Yet, later never seems to come, and gradually the surfaces in the house all seem to have various things on them. And, the more they build up the less inclination there seems to be in me to sort them.* Yet, I don`t like my house looking untidy, I like nice clear uncluttered surfaces.

Different non-essential date related tasks too, tend to be left until the last minute deadline.
And all probably take longer to do than if I`d done them straight away. So, my motto at the moment is trying to live by "do it and it`s done!"

*(No, before you think my house is an absolute pig-sty, I must say, that I do have a good tidy up at least once a week, but yet, if I`d dealt with the item straight away I wouldn`t need to do that would I?!)

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