Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Change.

Having had a letter from my Internet provider earlier this week announcing that they are putting the monthly price up, I decided to search around and see if their new price could be bettered as it seemed rather a lot.

I found that yes, it could be bettered by about £4.50 a month!, so having now spent quite a long while on the phone sorting it out, I should get a new Hub next Wednesday and make the change over.

Why am I boring you with all this?..... well, this blog is linked to my old providers email, which I guess I`ll lose as soon as I change over, so I`m now going to try and change the email address which this is linked to, so that I can still get into my blog.

But, if I "disappear into thin air" you`ll know why!

Is there anything else I ought to be aware of before things change over, I wonder?

[If this does mean the end to this Blog, I will start a new one, maybe a Shanny`s Day 2]

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