Sunday, July 19, 2009


I`ve just realised that I`ve been living on my own now for just over a year.

Having lived in the same house I was brought into as a baby and always having my parents living here too, (until my Dad died), and then it was just Mum and I until last year when after a lot of problems I managed to get her to realise that I couldn`t cope with her here any longer and she went into a housing with care place, I`ve never lived on my own.

But..... I love it!

It was something I`d longed for, for a long while, but I`m surprised in a way at how quickly I`ve adapted to it. It now feels as if I`ve always done it. I`m contented, relaxed, free.

Do I feel alone? No. I`m very content with my own company.


stf (lorna) said...

so happy to read this ivy

eija said...

Already a year? Amazing how the time flies... But I can imagine how you enjoy the solitude... At times I find myself wishing I'd be a single mom so that I'd have times of "kids at dad's" - that is, the house all for myself!