Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bishy Barnabees

A few updates before I start on today`s proper post.

My door is fixed! The chap came yesterday as promised, and within a couple of minutes had solved the problem. Did I feel a bit stupid though when he showed me what the problem had been..... on the outside of the door towards the bottom was a decorative baton of wood and this had just moved along and was thus stopping the door shutting! (I`ve arrowed it on this picture)

And here, especially for Lorna, is a picture of my new computer and monitor etc. and my (at the moment) tidy desktop!! I am hoping or maybe I should say aiming to keep my study/office room a lot tidier. I`ve started by going through the drawers in the desk and sorting out what is relevant to keep and binning the items which I no longer need.

And now - on to what`s been bugging me today - bishy barnabees.
Sitting having my breakfast this morning, I saw one of them climbing up the inside of my window, so I got a largish piece of paper, got it to walk onto that and put it out of the back door. Sitting down again, I spotted another one, so got the paper again, made it walk onto it, and took it out into the garden. A few minutes later I saw another on the wall, so repeated the procedure. A few minutes later, my eyes were drawn to a card on the mantlepiece as something was moving - yes, you`ve guess it - there was another one, so picking up the card I took it out into the garden to join the others.

A short time later - having repeated this action at least 20 times, I began to get alarmed - where were they coming from? Had I got a nest of them in the room somewhere? I searched round but couldn`t see any obvious solution. I`d not got any open windows or doors, so where were they coming from?

Going outside to get in my car a short while later, I noticed that there were several flying round outside. And when I got to the town about 4 miles away, I discovered on getting out of the car that they were absolutely everywhere. Everywhere was red with them - houses, streets, .pavements, cars. ughhh. I quickly got what I needed from the shop, trying to dodge them landing on me as I walked along, and realised that there must be a huge swarm or even plague of them in our area.

Getting home, I discovered more in my living room. But now, instead of putting them outside, I decided I needed to be more drastic, so out came the hoover and each one I then found in the room found itself sucked up into my hoover. I was still puzzled though as to how they were getting in. That is, until I heard a "ping" on the hearth, and then I deduced that they must be falling down the chimney.

So, I just hope we get some heavy rain or wind to wash or blow them away!

*Bishy barnabee - the Norfolk word for a ladybird


eija said...

A fancy office you've got!

I've been very lazy at reading blogs this summer, so catching up now with yours too. Thank you for your e-mail - I think I should take on your policy "do it and it's done", especially when it comes to answering e-mails... But just know I didn't ignore it, ok?

Ivy said...

That`s only the tidiest part of my office - you should see the rest of it!!!!!