Monday, August 10, 2009

Harvest time!

These last few days, I`ve been busy each day harvesting my crop of runner beans - my favourite vegetable, so I thought I`d share some with you here. Out of habit of what my Dad used to do, I weigh each picking. This was the first one, and as you can see there`s about 9 ounces, since then the quantity has increased each time, and yesterday I got over 2 pounds of them...... so..... it`s beans, beans, beans!

I did also plant carrot and beetroot seeds earlier in the year, but the weeds grew quicker than the seeds, so I couldn`t pull the weeds up when they were small, as they would have uprooted the baby vegetable seedlings at the same time -but now, I can`t find the rows of carrots and beetroot for all the weeds! I`ll just have to pull some handfuls of whatever is there and hope for the best!!

In the meantime I`ll continue to enjoy my piles of beans with melted butter on. (and a nearby neighbour has been enjoying some too, as I`ve passed some on to them). They really are delicious!

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