Sunday, August 31, 2008

Surprising flower

I promised a few days ago that I would show you a view from my window. Well, here it it....

Not exactly a view, but something I spotted from the window and then went out to have a closer look at. How this plant came to be there I do not know. It it growing completely out of the paving in my drive.

What plant it is, I do not know either, but it is so dainty and pretty that I just had to try and take a photo of it. So opening the front door a crack I peered out to see if anyone was around, and seeing no-one was I took out my camera, walked to the edge of the drive by the pavement and got down almost on my hands and knees to try and capture a picture of this beautiful little flower. If anyone had seen me I`m sure they`d think what a mad woman I must be!

And, it`s still flowering even after about 4 or 5 weeks. And, as wonderful is the fact that no-one has trodden on it, postmen, dustmen (sorry - waste disposal operatives, I suppose I should call them?) and anyone else who has been to the house.

What an emblem of delicate strength.

(if you click on the picture it will come up larger)


Lani said...

Beautiful. I think it must still be there, because it's small delicateness (is that a word?) is commanding respect from everyone that sees it. No one wants to harm it's beauty by stepping on it.

Anonymous said...