Friday, August 08, 2008

A cautious Yippeee!

After receiving the new plug and lead, to try and get me back on line, I dutifully plugged it all in and waited expectantly...... nothing.

So, another phone call to the ISP company. After a half hour on the phone, unplugging USB lead, ethenet lead, connecting them the opposite way to what they had been (not that they were wrong because they`d worked that way for years!), pressing this key and that key and still nothing working, the phone cut me off! (I looked at the time I`d been on it for 30 minutes and got nowhere)

I dialled the number again, went through all the "Press 1 for...." "press 4 for...." "press....." "press...." until I got a human being!. Then had to give all the details again. Got told to do exactly the same things as the previous person had told me..... I said I`ve already done that several times before I got cut off a few minutes ago. Just do it again, so that we can go through the whole process... I was told. So I obeyed. Still the red light flashed quickly and nothing happened. "I`ll have to go and ask someone else" said the voice at the other end. The phone went quiet.

Whilst waiting for her, I noticed that the light had now changed and become steady on the Livebox, so I thought I`ll just try clicking to open my emails..... and..... it worked. I tried one or two other web sites, all ok. So, waiting another few minutes and the `Voice` hadn`t come back, I put the phone down. That was another 20 minute phone call.

So, at the moment I`m back online..... hurrah!

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Lani said...

Hope this continues to work for you. Don't you just hate when you get yanked all over the place by a computer run phone system? Sometimes I never do get to a human voice.