Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Still Here

Incase anyone wonders where I`ve got to.... I`m still here, but, I lost my internet connection on Friday night and still haven`t got it back.

It just cut off suddenly about 9 p.m, and I thought, oh, well it will be back in the morning - but Saturday it wasn`t. I had a lot to do that day, so didn`t bother, just thinking there was a problem with the ISP provider or that they were updating systems or whatever they say they do from time to time. But, when by Sunday evening it wasn`t back, I began to get both annoyed and frustrated. So, I rang them. They told me to do, what I`d already tried doing (but I didn`t tell them that, I dutifully did as I was told), unplugged the Livebox and then reconnected it... but nothing except still the quick flashing red light, which shouldn`t be quickly flashing.

So, he said, it must be to do with (and I can`t remember what he called it - not being techincally minded in that way). I`ll send you a new one out. The plug thing arrived today, and at lunch time I quickly plugged it in..... and waited expectantly.......and......... still the red light flashed quickly and nothing connected. I hadn`t time then to fiddle around with it, but will tonight. But I suspect that it`s going to mean another phone call, because I don`t think that`s going to solve the problem. grrrrrrrrr.

I got permission from one of my bosses to use the work computer after I finished my work, so that I could so some church work that I needed, and so as I`ve time to spare I`m updating you on what`s happened.

I didn`t realise how much I used the Internet, until I hadn`t got it!


Z said...

Hearty sympathy, Ivy.

Z said...

I think that should have been heartfelt. Hm.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. My colleague has been having issues with his internet connection for some 6 months now! I just can't understand why he still sticks with that isp!

My connection is just fine - I've just been too busy to do any blogreading, or proper blogging in general. And now I'm using my work computer - under working time, with no special permission! Eww I'm bad... And you're so decent!