Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back - but for how long?

I can`t work this out. My connection which had been down for several days suddenly came back on again on Friday. Well, I say normally - I`d unplugged everything (as instructed when I rang the ISP provider the previous week) dozens of time, left it unplugged, reconnected all the leads into their various sockets at least once, and usually more times than that, every day all with nothing happening.

Then having unplugged it and left it unplugged all Thursday night, on Friday morning I plugged it in yet again..... and it worked. I`m still waiting though for the MAC code which I requested from my supplier last Monday Three to five working days they said. I make it over that now. So I think another phone call is called for tonight.

I haven`t had time to blog though until this morning. I had a guest to entertain on Sunday, so Saturday was spent trying to get the house a bit tidier. Having moved furniture out to my parent`s new place the other week, I`ve still got piles of items that came out of the drawers, desk etc.... all stood about waiting to be found homes.
Then last night I had a lovely suprise visit from another friend who`s moved nearer to here. So, it`s been a good weekend for me.

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eija said...

Are you still having connection problems? Or just being busy?

Hoping everything is allright with you :)