Monday, August 25, 2008

Bank Holiday

It`s Bank Holiday Monday..... and.... the sun`s shining! Quite unusual isn`t it?! And this year for the first time ever, I`ve not had to work on the last three bank holiday Mondays. So, I`m off out for a while shortly, and then will probably enjoy the luxury of sitting in the garden with a good book this afternoon for an hour or so.

What a lovely feeling to have a whole free day stretching ahead of me. So I`m not going to spend any more time at the lap-top now, I`m off!!!!


Lani said...

Mmmm... enjoy your holiday! It sounds like you've figured out the perfect way to enjoy it.

eija said...

Sounds very good! Hope you enjoyed your day :)

Ivy said...

Yes, I did enjoy my day, and even found time to go over to my mothers to have tea with her!

lorna (see throughfaith) said...


sun on a bank holiday. My oh my - ar eyou sure you are still in the UK?