Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Games waste money

So, Team GB has won some gold medals at the 2008 Olympics - what good really is that to any of us? Or to the starving, homeless and sick people of the world?

It makes me so mad, to hear of the millions of pounds being spent on training a few individuals so that they can run, swim, cycle or whatever just to get a medal for themselves, ok, so it`s for their country you might say - but what actual good does it do their country?

And that`s without the millions, about £900m I`ve just read, that this country is planning it will cost to host the 2012 games. Just think how much suffering in the world that could alleviate. And, why suddenly can a government find this sort of money to waste on this, yet not find money to support the Health service, education and basis necessities of people.

It`s certainly a mad, crazy world and times that we are living in.

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