Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why Pancakes?

Having just cooked and eaten the traditional pancakes today - Shrove Tuesday - pancakes being something I very much enjoy eating with sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice over them, I got to thinking.

Yes, I know its a dangerous thing for me to do, but I did!

I started wondering, why pancakes? I don`t mean in the historical why pancakes, I know it came from the practice of using up all butter, eggs, etc., before the start of Lent tomorrow. ..... but, why pancakes? .....

......the same mixture would make yorkshire puddings.... so why is it not Yorkshire Pudding Day?! And, I guess the ingredients would make other dishes too, so who first made and decided that it should be pancakes?!

Mind you, I`m glad they did, because I enjoy them.


Lani said...

well, i was waiting for someone to come up with a good answer to this one. i don't have one, either, but i sure am glad someone invented them. yum! ;)

Leigh said...

Well now I am curious too! But, mine sure were good! Especially since my son had to serve me at church, teehee!!