Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Sunday Walk

I awoke this morning to a thick white frost which made everything look beautiful as the sun shone and it glistened from the grass, shrubs and trees around. Although a lot colder than last Sunday, I decided to go for a walk this afternoon, but not on the cliff top.

Getting ito the car, I went to a National Trust park near where I live, parked the car and set out for a walk. Patches of snopdrops lined the path at the start of the walk, looking so delicate and fragile and beautiful. (They`re one of my favourite flowers).

I hadn`t gone far along the path, when someone called out "hello" to me. Looking to see who it was I discovered a friend that I used to work with and her family - husband and children on bikes, dog on lead, and her pushing an empty pushchair whilst her daughter had the youngest toddling along on a pair of reigns. Stopping to speak to them, we then began to walk along together, and after being assured that I was welcome to join them on their walk, we had a lovely long walk through the park. Probably going further than I would have gone on my own.

It was so lovely to have some company for a change, and not have to go for a walk on my own. Yet, having said that, I do also very much enjoy having a walk on my own like last week. But this chance meeting just somehow "made" the afternoon today.


Lani said...

Sounds wonderful. Its nice to be alone, but sometimes its nice to be in good company, too.

Leigh said...

Oh how sweet! I am glad you had such a wonderful day! The pic is gorgeous!