Thursday, February 14, 2008

Busting with Life

I love watching things grow. I find it miraculous how a tiny seed, a corm, or a seemingly lifeless bulb, when planted in the soil, watered and cared for, will come to life. Nothing we can do can actually make it grow. We can help it and tend it, but it has to do it itself, and it does.

I`m sure I don`t need to tell you what this is. It`s been growing up in leaps and bounds since I planted it two or three weeks ago, and now I can just see the first signs of the flowers beginning to burst out and appear.

At this stage it`s difficult to tell what colour they will be, so I wait for nature to unfold its secret a bit further.


Lani said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Ivy! I'll be waiting to see what color it is. Please be sure to share. ;)

Leigh said...

I am with Lani, I can't wait to see what color it will be!!