Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spring is in the Air

Looking out of my kitchen window whilst washing up this lunch time, I spotted a sight which cheered me up today.

Opposite the window there is a hydrangea bush which had been cut down last autumn because it had got too woody and unruly.
Looking at the bare wood stems, I suddenly spotted a tiny green leaf.

On going out to look closer, I discoverd that a lot of the branches were sprouting green buds and one had even got a few tiny leaves on.
What a marvel nature is.
It really cheered my spirits today.


Leigh said...

How cheerful!!!

eija said...

Seems that soon I'll have to stop reading you blog until April or something, because you make me miss the spring so badly! And even though our lilac bushes almost have small leaves in them, the spring won't come here this early. It's just not possible. The winter does come every year - if not earlier, then in april. And that's horrible!

Lani said...

Mmmm... yum. Green.