Saturday, February 09, 2008


Drawn out by the sunshine this afternoon, the household chores were left behind and off we went in the car for a ride along the coast. It really was a delightful day.
Stopping at a favourits spot of ours (yes, just Mum and I, so that was a treat too!), there wasn`t a ripple or movement on the water in the creek, and the only sound the sound of a few seagulls. It was so peaceful.

Fortunately I had taken my camera with me so I was able to capture these beautiful reflections of the boats in the water.

Can you spot the seagull, in this one on the left?

I found myself wondering is it really February, it feels more like April.


Leigh said...

These photos are amazing, they just say serenity. You are lucky to spend such a pleasant day with your mom! Yes, I see the seagull!

Lani said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing your day with the rest of us. If your photos tell the story, then it was beautiful! *waves to the seagull*

eija said...

It looks like April, too! Not here, not at all... Though the birds have started singing here, too - and that's really nice.