Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why presents?

Why do we give presents?

I don`t mean what`s the history behind giving presents, what I mean is why do we give presents to who we give presents to.

The answer to that, for me, has to be that I give presents, especially at Christmas, to relatives and friends for one of two (or often both) of these reasons -to show my love for them, and/or to thank them for help and support they`ve given me during the year.

These last two or three years I`m becoming infuriated. Why?...... because of the way charities for overseas work are trying to cash in on the idea of giving presents, by advertising that instead of giving gifts to our families and friends we give them the money to buy tools, livestock, seeds, even toilets for people overseas and just give our friends and relations a card saying that that is their present.

I`m not going to mince my words (and I apologise if I offend any readers) but I HATE this scheme and think it so greedy on the charity`s part trying to make people feel guilty about giving to their loved ones here, that they should be giving to them instead. It really puts my back up, and gets me so mad. And I certainly won`t be supporting them in any way.

Yes, I know that charities need the money, but surely once a year its good and better to acknowledge our friends and relations and show them how much they are appreciated by giving them a gift, however small, but a "real" item, not a bit of paper. (unless of course its a £20 note!!)

My suggestion to the charity`s is that they suggest that on our list of people to buy presents for that they suggest we add them (or give details of names of people and items needed), to the bottom of our Christmas Present buying list. Surely that would be a better advertising way?


Leigh said...

You go girl! I am tired of the guilt myself!

Lorna said...

It's funny but I don't see it this way at all.

It's so hard to find presents for some people - they have everything, need nothing jsut recognition that I love and appreciate them

so for example friends in Yorkshie who have lambs as neighbours - buy them an Oxfam gift of sheep and send them a pair of wooly socks for themselves

or another friend who is into helping others in a big way - chickens for a family in Africa - and oven gloves for her to pull her own turkey out of the oven

but I don't do this to those who wouldn't appreciate it - my mum for example - or my kids.

I don't think guilt should come into it at all - but basically I'd rather get something like this than yet another plant or candlestick holder.

The thing I love receiving most of all is post through the mail - especially if the sender includes a recent photo :)

but it's great you can speak up about your dislike for the scheme and I have to say that they could change the wording of the advertising and also the cards. They are so ... presumptious somehow.

I gave a goat to one couple for their wedding and they loved it: ) Everyone's different. That's great too!