Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Letter to Father Christmas

"Dear Father Christmas

Help!!..... I urgently need a new radio alarm clock. I know I should have put it on my long list of things I`d like for Christmas which I sent you at the beginning of December, and which I`m sure you`ll have been busy preparing for me, but until this morning my clock was working fine. Now it`s given up the ghost. It was flashing away at me when I woke this morning, but now won`t set to the correct time no matter what buttons I presss. Without it I shan`t be up in time to go to work each day.

I`ll put plenty of carrots out for Rudolph and the other reindeer if you can do this for me. I am sorry it is such short notice



seethroughfaith said...

Dear Ivy

I'm up to my ears in last minute requests and I love it :)

However I've been thinking ... Over Christmas you don't need an alarm clock -(radio or otherwise) - so I hope it's ok when I say I'll see what I can do afterwards in the sales.


P.S. Thanks for thinking of Rudolph and his pals ... but you know what? -if they eat too many on the job they need more pit stops and we get so behind schedule. Better you eat the extras with your goose!

Z said...

I find something electrical always gives up the ghost over Christmas - the worst was the (full of dirty dishes) dishwasher on Christmas day, the next worst was the washing machine on Christmas Eve.

If you don't get one by the time you go back to work, do you have a mobile phone? You could use the alarm on that temporarily.

Leigh said...

I hope Santa hooks you up!