Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not a hankie in sight!

Not a hankie in sight.... lots of nice presents again this year, my favourites being a wooden carving of two dolphins playing. I love the sight and feel of well carved wooden items, as well as being a joy to sit and look at, they make me want to touch and feel them whenever I walk pass them. There`s just something so calming about stroking wood.

My other favourite was a book by Alan Titchmarsh entitled Nobbut a Lad. I`ve not started reading it yet, I`m saving that pleasure for after the Christmas holidays for the long days of January.

Other presents included, an electronic Suduko game (don`t think I`ll do that for long - not that I can`t solve the puzzles, but I can`t see how people can be so hooked on those puzzles - give me logic puzzle books anyday, now those I can spend hours enjoying!), chocolates, toiletries, and other bits and pieces. But it struck me, how there was not a box of handkerchiefs in sight.... yet as a child one Christmas I opened parcel after parcel and found hankies after hankies after hankies! Infact I`ve still got many of them in my drawers - there were far too many to use - and thinking about it, what a present to give a young child - I wonder what todays children would say if they were given lots of hankies!!


Z said...

Yes, and then there were the boxes of notelets, as a heavy hint to write a thank-you letter. When my sister was 14 she was given one headscarf after another. It was 1967. No teenager would be seen dead in a headsquare, especially ones with horses' heads around the border, or hunting scenes.

There was a particularly nasty selection of sweets called 'Weekend' too.

Ivy said...

You`ve stirred a few more memories there Z, I well remember the notelets and headscarves too. There also used to be some chocolates called "Numbers", my favourite was the round one 6 (or 9) depending which way you held it.