Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Tree

One of my favourite parts to the Christmas preparations is decorating the Christmas Tree. Opening the box of ornaments, unwrapping the tissue paper from them, and deciding where to put them on the tree this year. Not, for me the modern way of colour co-ordinating the tree, but ornaments of all shapes, colours, sizes, sorts - many of them from over 45 years ago and others bought more recently. How I`d love to know if anyone else has some of the unusual old ones like we have - the twisted plastic icicles and angels which hang on sort of coathanger fixings and then on the tree. Not expensive, I guess but probably all there were available in those years.
Wonder if anyone has done the history of Christmas Tree ornaments??


Leigh said...

I was just roaming in blogland and came across your site. It is really cute.

Love your tree!

The pic of your Mother is too funny, bless her heart! Do you pay her to go shopping with you?

Lorna said...

I expect so :) some of our ornaments are old too but prob not as old as yours. From when I was a baby in the 60s -- so about 40 years :)