Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Time and Tide

Time and Tide wait for no man, so they say. Well, it doesn`t seem to wait for this woman either!

A large event which I take part in each year is in July. Now, when you say July it sounds ages away, yet, all at once it`s just about here. It`s crept, or should I say, rushed, towards me and caught me out again. Every year I say to myself I`m going to get all my things prepared and ready in good time, so that I`m not doing a lot at the last minute – and what happens – yes, the months fly by and the weeks speed on and suddenly it`s almost the end of June, and I`ve still got a lot that I want to do. Yes, “want” to do, not have to do, there is a big difference. All the essential "have to do jobs are done", it`s the extras that I want time to do. So, will I get it all done in time? I hope so.

If only I could slow the time and tide down a bit, that would help!! Any ideas how to do that?!

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