Friday, June 02, 2006

Evening Out

It was enjoyable to meet up with a couple of friends to attend a preview of Flower Festivals entitled “Embrace the World” in the two Cathedrals in Norwich yesterday evening.

We started with a walk from the city centre to the Roman Catholic Cathedral, a place I`d never been into before. After an hour walking round looking at the modern flower arrangements (glass of champagne provided - not that I tackled that!) there was a “short” opening ceremony/service. What narrow hard seats they have in that cathedral!

It was then time to move on to the Anglican Cathedral to view their linked Festival. An open-top double decker bus was provided, and we bravely climbed on to the top deck, gosh, was that wind cold up there! Several laughing comments were heard to be said that people driving past in cars, must look up and think us mad, sitting there mid evening, with the cold wind blowing, but we made it to the Anglican Cathedral, and started to view the 100 or so Arrangements. Our ticket said that the event was from 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. and that refreshments would be served at 9 p.m. Getting about three-quarters of the way around the festival (at 8.30 p.m.) an announcement over the speaker system informed us all that refreshments were now being served. We made our way to where they were, expecting to find a light buffet (having paid well for the tickets), but – disappointment, there was just red and white wine, orange juice and a waitress with a tray with a half dozen canapés on.

Having drunk our orange juice and having had nothing to eat, we returned to view the rest of the Flower arrangements, the whole purpose of the evening, and….. what did we find…..they`d locked the Cathedral for the night, the time – 9 p.m. !

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