Sunday, September 11, 2005

Worth it

Having written a few days ago wondering if all the work entailed in preparing for a holiday is really worth it. I`ve just come back from a holiday and can say I`ve found the answer.

On my second day away, walking along a promenade by the sea I suddenly realised that tension, which I wasn`t consciously aware of having, was gone. I felt free and relaxed. There was no clock-watching, nothing to be done by a time deadline. Just time to walk, sit in the sun and read, time to just “be”. To get up each day, look out of the window and then decide what to do, nothing planned, no daily routine to be stuck to.

But, was it a rest – not really! Mentally, yes it was, but physically, no it wasn`t!, The walking, apart from a couple of hours all week, wasn`t just walking, it was wheelchair pushing. It`s surprising how even a flat looking pavement or promenade isn`t actually flat, they either slope right or left or up or down.

Was it worth it? Yes it was
But now I could do with a few more days to have a rest!

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