Monday, September 19, 2005

Three lives

Is it really only a week since I went back to work from a holiday?! It feels and seems so much longer. Memories of the holiday seem quite distant. I could do with another one now! Things at work, not the actual job, but the unfairness of some things, the attitude of the boss, have got me today just feeling that I want to walk out and leave everything. Once it was enjoyable to go to work, now it’s a feeling of do the job and get home. I could do with a change, but yet, for what? Something more worthwhile and useful, but where to find it?
Still, at least I`ve got more interesting things to do at home in my “other” life. In a way I seem to have three lives! – one the working one, two the church one, and three the home one. And I know which two I prefer!

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