Friday, September 16, 2005

Qualified to shop

Following on from yesterday, maybe this could be the training form for Customers…….

1. What do you need to take with you to shop?

2. What should you take to use when entering a supermarket?

3. How should you speak to the staff?

4. If something is out of stock, what should you do
a) complain bitterly to the staff that it`s their fault?
b) Accept the fact and look for an alternative?
c) Accept the fact and wait until another day?

5. What should you do if your mobile phone rings while you are at a counter/till?

6. What do you do if you`re at the back of a long queue and another checkout is opened?

7. How do you pack your bag?

8. Do you idly stand and wait until your shopping`s all been checked through, then start packing before paying?

9. You think you`ve been wrongly charged for something, what do you do:
a) Shout at the cashier?
b) Accept that everyone is human and can make mistakes?
c) Politely ask for it to be checked?

10. If the price is right and you are wrong do you:
a) Apologise for doubting them?
b) Say nothing and stalk off?

11. If something is broadcast as going to be is short supply do you:
a) buy up as much as you can?
b) buy just what you need, so that all can buy some?
c) not buy any because you`ve got plenty already?

12. Do you think that you are superior to those who work in shops?

If you pass all those questions you can have a piece of paper to say you`re qualified to shop!


Dave said...

If I fail, will someone else do my shopping for me?

Ivy said...

No, sorry, you`ll just have to re-sit it!