Thursday, September 29, 2005

More about my house

Having posted that photo of my house yesterday, I must own up and say it`s not the house I live in!

But it is my house, and it is a house that has a lot of memories for me.
A lot of happy times have been had at that house. It was built about forty six years ago, and has four rooms – a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and kitchen, plus hallway with stairs up to the landing. It has been well carpeted throughout, wallpapered and redecorated several times. Countless sets of curtains, have been sewn and hung at the windows, and quilts and bedding provided. The rooms are well furnished with polished wood table, chairs, sideboard, bed, wardrobe etc., the kitchen has clean all white fittings including a cooker, sink, fridge. In the bathroom there is a large bath, along with a toilet and pedestal basin.
There are five people in the house, mother, father, two girls and a baby who often sleeps in the pram in the hall.

Where is the house?....I`ll tell you more tomorrow!

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