Thursday, September 01, 2005

Holiday memories

Thinking about holidays, it came to me how different they are today to when I was a child. Yes, I`m going to reminisce today! I had memories come to me that I`d not thought about for years. Strange isn`t it how something suddenly comes back to you.

Anyway, memories of holidays…… We would have just one fortnight holiday each year and always the same weeks. I can remember Mum, on the Saturday about tea time, taking me walking up to the railway station where we`d stand and wait for my Dad, who having taken the suitcase back to work with him at lunch time, would come straight from work to the station. I can remember Mum getting anxious one year when the train had arrived at the platform and there was no sign of Dad, then just in time he came running up the road, he`d got delayed getting away from work. But we made it.

We`d go into what was then called `apartments`. No, not flats! This was where you stayed in someones home, in the way you would for B&B today, but you chose and shopped for the food you wanted for each meal and they prepared the meals, - breakfast, dinner and tea. So it was like being at home, but in someone else`s house with them doing the work. I can remember there was a butchers on the opposite corner to where we stayed, and I used to be sent over the road with a piece of paper saying what we wanted that day. I was about 6 ot 7 at the time.

How different to today.

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