Thursday, September 15, 2005

Letting off steam!

I`ve been working in a retail environment for well over 30 years, and today I was asked to fill in a Customer Service form, On it were questions such as:
“What do you say to a customer when they come to the till?”
“How do you pack a bag of shopping?”
“How do you answer the telephone?”
“What is the uniform like?”
“What do you do if a customer asks for an item not on the shelf?”
“What do you do with a customer that`s lost?”!!

What a total waste of time and paper. What an insult after spending all those years doing the job “unqualified”. On querying the need to do it for the `long serving staff`, I was told, “its to get a bit of paper saying you can do it – it’s the way of the world today everything needs to be qualified”.
What a load of old rubbish.

Haven`t whizz kids in offices got anything better to do?! Have they ever worked at shop floor level and experienced it first hand?

And, whilst we`re all spending hours filling in these useless forms, shelves go unfilled, queues grow longer and longer. I wonder would the customers be happier knowing they`re being served by a person with a bit of paper, or would they rather see more tills open and full shelves?!

Maybe everyone will soon be required to fill in a form before they can come shopping, to see if they`re qualified enough to shop!

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