Saturday, September 17, 2005

A bit of paper

It`s the way of the world… to have a “bit of paper” to say you can do something – or so someone said to me the other day.

Now, I`m not decrying those who have studied and worked hard to achieve “bits of paper”, those certificates are earned and deserved. For what I`m talking about see Thursday`s Blog.

But, does that “bit of paper” really make any difference?!
One can fill in all the correct answers because they`re so obvious – but – there`s a world of difference between knowing and doing! So, is that “bit of paper” really so important? What a strange way the world is getting into, if it thinks having a “bit of paper” makes any difference to how things are done.

I`ve got a “bit of paper” from primary school that says I can swim, but I can`t swim a stroke!

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