Saturday, July 30, 2005


If you could have one wish to change something about yourself, I wonder what it would be?

I know that one of mine would be to be able to be better at making conversation with people.
I know I`m useless at it, and find myself just ending up saying "did you?", "were you?" etc.. just to try and keep a conversation going. And how boring that must be for the other person!
Perhaps that`s why I often feel left out of things and feel lonely when with a group of people. I suppose too that its lack of self-confidence - in that I think people won`t be interested to hear what I`ve been doing, or want to say, and that I suppose (thinking deeper), goes back to childhood and being told to be "seen and not heard". I guess our upbringing has a lot to answer for?

But, how to change? that`s the question?!

*I must add - that I like being on my own and am content to be alone, I like my own space, its just that in those type of circumstances I feel lonely.

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