Saturday, July 16, 2005

From Logic to Sudoku

I`ve always enjoyed doing Logic Puzzles. You know - those grids when you have to work out things like who had what for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper and what colour plate they ate it off and whether it was burnt, raw, tough or tasty etc… all useless stuff. But it kept one occupied for hours. Infact at one time I compiled some and even had 2 or 3 published in a magazine of them, but that`s years ago now. I still enjoy the books of them, but have today got hooked onto another kind of puzzle, the Sudoku number squares. I suppose in a way they`re similar to logic. But, I wonder if they`ll manage to keep my interest as long, or will they become monotonous? At least with the logic there`s often a lot of subtle humour in the clues and names etc.
But at least they both help to get me to sit and relax, either sitting in the sun or wherever.

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