Monday, July 11, 2005


I`ve heard many expressions used during the last few days. As I wrote the other day, I was involved with a Flower Festival somewhere. There were the obvious comments like, how beautiful, wonderful perfume of the flowers, better than last year, etc.. but the one I think I found the most memorable was from one elderly lady, who sat on a seat at the back of the church and was heard to say “I`m just soaking up the atmosphere”.

Whilst others were scurrying around (myself included), or casually walking round I wonder, did we really appreciate the beauty, the perfume and the “atmosphere” in the way that lady did, just sitting there, taking it all in.

Maybe `atmosphere` is different for each of us?

To many of us there, it was a busy bustling atmosphere, yes an enjoyable one – but wasn`t there more to it than that?
I walked round that same church early this morning with no-one about, I sat for a while in the quietness just looking and smelling the perfume, and what a different atmosphere.

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