Monday, July 25, 2005

Why, why, why?

I`ve just heard from a friend that her friend who is about the same age as both of us, is terminally ill with cancer and has just been told she has only a few weeks to live. I`m at a loss for what to say to my friend to help her. Other than to say, something that I learn from hard experience, - to make the most of all the time you have. I also visited someone last week who has this terrible disease, again not an old person.
I`m sorry to say it, but it makes me question my faith. Why does a God of love allow this to happen? I can understand in a way when terrible things happen because of things people have done, because God gives us the choice of how we live our lives, but natural things I can`t understand.

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Dave said...

'natural things I can`t understand' - that's surely the point. Both good things and bad are part of the natural life of this world. In this life we don't get good things as a reward for doing what God expects of us - our reward will come in the next life (and an eternity of goodness will make a few years of suffering now pale into insignificance).

Similarly, bad people may seem to get away with it now, but again, that's only for a few years. And bad people get cancer too.

If we want God to intervene every time something bad happens, we completely lose our free will, we become robots, not human beings.