Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunday Best

Why, I wonder is it that if you walk through a town or anywhere on a Sunday morning you can tell the people who are going to church, just by looking at them - by the way they are dressed?
Why do we keep certain clothes just to wear on Sundays?
Is it just because it`s traditional and always been done?
Is there a deeper reason, like giving ones best to God?
Yet, does it really matter what we wear to go to church? Isn`t it more important that we go than what we wear?
I wonder, is that why people and especially young people are reluctant to come to church, because they feel their choice of clothes isn`t consistent with what they see as “church people”.

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Dave said...

I was once involved with a church where you had to climb a flight of steps to get to the front door. and stood at the top of the steps were the door stewards - all elderly men, in dark suits.

So from a long way away, if you were a youngster, dressed in your best jeans, and clean t-shirt, it looked obvious that this church wasn't really looking for your sort of people.

When at meetings members worried why they weren't attracting youngsters, they seemed quite suprised when I pointed out what sort of public image they were showing.