Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Different Atmospheres

I was writing yesterday about “soaking up the atmosphere”. I`ve said before on here how I enjoy looking at stained glass windows, so that takes me into different churches. I wonder if it`s just me, or do others find the same, that as soon as you open a church door even though they are all churches, they all seem to have a different feel about them. I don`t mean different to the outside world, although they do have a difference to it, but I mean different from one another. Some I like the feel of, some I don`t; some feel welcoming, others don`t; some make me feel uneasy and I want to get out as quickly as I can, others I`m content to walk round and look and absorb it. –
- All different atmospheres.
Yet, why are they all so different?

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