Friday, November 23, 2007


I`m all behind. No, I don`t mean the shape of me - well, I hope not!
I overslept this morning, I didn`t have to go to work, so hadn`t set my alarm clock. I was awaken by a parent shouting "Are you awake?" - "No", I replied.
Thinking about it, that wasn`t true, because if I wasn`t awake I wouldn`t have answered her would I? I don`t think I talk in my sleep.

I wasn`t actually very late, it was about 8 minutes past the time that I normally go in to see if she`s up and about. But, somehow that put me all out. Jobs that would usually have taken me a minute or two to do, suddenly seemed to take three times as long, nothing went right first time. I felt rushed, edgy, hustled and irritable.

Then, managing to make it on time, although a few jobs were left undone, I went to a Service. What a difference that made. Just stopping to be quiet and calm for half an hour. Everything fell back into perspective. And, more importantly, I think I learned a lesson from that, that however rushed I feel, I should stop and make time to be with God, if only for a few minutes.

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