Friday, November 09, 2007

Global Warming??

Everything that affects the weather and our lifestyle now-a-days all seem to be blamed on Global Warming. We keep being told to consider our carbon footprint..... but several things puzzle me on this.

Take today for instance, because of wind direction, and the seasonal excessive high tides places along the East coast were warned of danger of flooding. Fortunately this didn`t turn out as bad for most places as was expected. On the news on tv they were reporting the fact that it hadn`t been as bad as the floods of 1953. So, how come that floods 50 years ago, when there was no thought of global warming, were worse than today when there is global warming?

And the thing that annoys me most about the Carbon Footprint issue, is..... how is it that countries are allowed to send rockets up into space, through the atmosphere, no doubt polluting it, as well as puncturing the atmosphere around the earth..... surely this must be a lot to blame for what is supposedly happening to the earth now-a-days? And what good are they doing?... What a lot of money they are wasting that could be put to much better use down here on earth for the starving peoples and research into diseases. It makes me mad!

I`d better get off my soapbox now I`ve had my say on it!

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