Sunday, November 25, 2007

Birthday images

Thought I`d share with you today a view of the 18 cards I received yesterday and some of the presents I received. I`ve still got my Mum`s present of a Tom tom to come, as the shop had run out of the one she wanted to get me.

And, below, a picture of my birthday cake. I had to make it myself this year, which is in a way sad, to think that my mum can no longer stand for long enough to make a cake. I didn`t decorate it, as I couldn`t very well write "Happy Birthday to Me" on it, could I?

If anyone`s interested, it`s an Orange Chocolate Chip Cake, and is what we`ve traditionally made for birthdays over many, many years. [I can oblige with the recipe if anyone wants it.]


Lorna said...

we have almost identical birthdays ... the cake looks lovely ... and I'd love the recipe if it's not too hard to make.

Ivy said...

No, its not difficult to make, its one where you put all the ingredients in together and just mix. I`ll email it to you. - the recipe, not the cake!!!