Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Still looking for the Recipe

I`ve been thinking all day of what would be my recipe for happiness. I`m still trying to analyse it – so more of that anon.

I`ll share with any readers though my “senior moment” of today! I took my car to work with me this morning, it was a beautiful sunny morning (but then so it was when I walked to work yesterday and by lunch time it was pouring and I got soaked), and anyway the car wanted a drink, to I took it to the petrol station on my way to work. It enjoyed its drink and purred happily along to the car park, where I left it sitting contentedly with some others while I went to work.

At last dinner time came and I left off work, came out of the building where I work and set off home enjoying the sunshine. I went along several road until I got to where my house came into sight. Looking at the driveway of the house I thought that looks empty. Yes, you`ve guessed it, I`d left the car sitting on the car park!!

Is that the first sign of old age?

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