Sunday, August 21, 2005


Looking through a recently found Bible of my great grandfather`s I found he had put between he pages many torn out quotes and texts torn out of the newspapers of his time around the 1930`s & 1940`s. Although the paper is yellowing now the print is clear and many of their content just as relevant to life today. I felt somehow privileged to touch what he had touched and read what he had read. Some made me stop and think, I wonder what he was thinking about as he read that one. I wonder too if he had placed them in certain pages within the Bible to link with the bible reading, maybe for his preaching, or were they just randomly there. I`ll probably share some of them on this blog over the coming days.

There`s some interesting bits or articles on the back of some of them too, like the following:
“Scots Girl`s Idea.
A potato-flour chocolate cake from the recipe of an
Edinburgh girl, Brenda McClean, is to be made by the royal
kitchens for Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret”

I wonder if that cake got made, and what it was like?

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