Monday, August 22, 2005

A Recipe for Happiness

One of the newspaper cuttings that I wrote about yesterday that caught my eye was “A recipe for Happiness” it read:-

A cottage neat, a garden trim
but not too large in size,
enough to serve my every whim,
but not to win a prize.

A kitchen clean but not too grand,
An arm-chair that will fit me,
One for the wife, you understand,
And a small one for some “maybe”.

Some work to do, a living wage,
With just a bit beside
To save until a greying age,
To use at eventide.

God with me when I start the day
An ever constant friend;
And, when the hours have gone their way,
God at my journey`s end

It set me wondering what would be my Recipe for Happiness? Maybe I`ll try writing one, but it won`t be in verse!
I wonder too what would be others recipes for happiness?

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