Sunday, August 14, 2005


I`ve been learning during the last week some of my family history. Its something I`ve often felt that I wanted to do, but have never done. I never knew any of my grand-parents they all died when I was a baby, so to realise that my Uncle actually knew my great-granddad and could tell me about him from first hand experience was so good. I heard about the way of life and realised how hard life was in those days – the way they would in all weathers walk distances of 10 miles or more to get anywhere. Yet, they lived to be well over 80 years old – maybe there`s a message there for those like me who should walk more, but don`t!.
Hearing about them, made them become real people, not just names or pictures in an album. And hearing the strength of his faith, and the way he shared that faith has been very inspiring as well as challenging.
It`s been interesting, its been fascinating, but most of all it has given me a strong feeling of belonging.

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